What is speed dating?

At a speed dating 7 women and 7 men are welcomed in separate areas in a bar or a restaurant. Once the speed dating starts, the ladies take place at individual tables. The ladies always sit at the same table and the men go every 7 minutes to another lady at another table. Both the ladies and the gentlemen have their own dating card with them. On the dating card should be the nickname of the current conversational partner. The participants have 7 minutes during which they can decide how they like their conversational partner. When the bell rings after the 7 minutes everyone must check on their dating card, whether they want to meet the person again (YES) or not (NO). There are 7 rounds so that each woman can have a conversation with each man. After the speed dating the organizer collects all the dating cards of the participants. With that the actual speed dating is finished.

After the speed dating the organizer evaluates the dating cards! There is always a score if a woman rated a man with a YES and this man rated the same woman with a YES! If the result is a score, the woman gets the contact information (mobile phone, or e-mail, or both) of the man and the man gets the contact information (mobile phone, or e-mail, or both) of the woman! It is the responsibility of the speed dating organizer to evaluate the dating cards and send the results to the participants. Usually the evaluation of a speed dating and the sending of the results to the participants should be done within 48 hours. The speed dating results will be sent by e-mail.

Each participant in a speed dating may have one score, several scores or no scores. What the participants do with their scores after the speed dating is up to themselves!